The Merchant House is pleased to present an events program featuring recent art history and the work of an incredible selection of renowned and emerging artists.

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2020 / 2021

68. Music: Elise Lorraine sings for Elsa Tomkowiak: Into Color
67. Off-Site Opening & Screening: Amstel / Bridge / Delirium w/ Amsterdam Art
66. Opening: Zhu Hong: Of Water w/ Amsterdam Art
65. Walk-Throughs: Elsa Tomkowiak & The Medium of Painting
64. Opening: Elsa Tomkowiak: Into Color w/ Amsterdam Art
63. Post-Lockdown Opening: Urban Image-Jitters II (Body)
62. Music: Tomoko Mukaiyama streamed live from the Van Gogh Museum
61. Post-Lockdown Opening: Urban Image-Jitters I (City)

2019 / 2020

60. Talk: Thinking the Exhibition (Craigie Horsfield) w/ Marsha Plotnitsky
59. Music: Bach and More w/ Machiko Takahashi
58. Talk: Craigie Horsfield on Of the World We Share
57. Talk: Remembering John Coplans II w/ Marsha Plotnitsky
56. Talk: John Coplans—A Body of Work w/ photography critic Steven Humblet
55. Art Fair: Sylvie Bonnot & Mengzhi Zheng at Unseen Photo Fair

2018 / 2019

54. Installation: Elsa Tomkowiak at ArtZuid Sculpture Biennale 2019
53. Season Finale: Painting, Performance & the Senses
52. Talk & Video Collage: Painting & Performance w/ Marsha Plotnitsky
51. Screening & Talk: André de Jong w/ art historian Huub Mous and writer Arjen Mulder
50. Talk: André de Jong w/ writer Arjen Mulder
49. Talk: André de Jong w/ art historian Huub Mous
48. Talk: Reigl & Schneemann w/ Prof. C-M. Lerm-Hayes
47. Music: ICP Orchestra at TMH
46. Music & Talk: Luciano Berio with Machiko Takahashi
45. Art Fair: Pino Pinelli, Elsa Tomkowiak & Mary Sue at Independent Brussels
44. Art Fair: Unseen Photo Fair—City Program
43. Talk: Catalogue Presentation w/ writer Hubert Besacier
42. Screening & Talk: Young Artists Remix w/ Marsha Plotnitsky

2017 / 2018

41. Talk: Time and Architecture w/ philosopher Fons Elders
40. Talk: On Collecting w/ poet Ljoedmila Chodynskaja
39. Talk: Sculpture Now w/ Prof. C-M. Lerm-Hayes
38. Music: Bach & Zhungdra with F-M. Uitti
37. Art Fair: André de Jong & Hilarius Hofstede at Art Rotterdam
36. Talk: Image and Color w/ Gili Crouwel of The Gallery Club
35. Music & Talk: Performance & Painting w/ flutist Machiko Takahashi
34. Screening: Carolee Schneemann with Prof. Marga van Mechelen & artist Sands Murray-Wassink
33. Talk: Catalogue publication with writer Dirk van Weelden
32. Lecture: The Economics of Art with Antoinette Vonder Mühll & Prof. Olav Velthuis
31. Talk: On Photography with art writers Arjen Mulder and Steven Humblet
30. Art Fair: Sylvie Bonnot at Unseen Photo Fair

2016 / 2017

29. Talk: Millennials on Pinelli w/ Maarten v.d. Graaff and Fiep v. Bodegom
28. Art Fair: TMH joins Tribal Trail
27. Music: Kurtag, Duchamp & Joyce with F-M. Uitti and C-M. Lerm-Hayes
26. Reading: Hilarius Hofstede’s Microsoft Mon Amour
25. Art Fair: Flag of Compassion at Art Rotterdam
24. Music and Talk: F-M. Uitti interprets Judit Reigl
23. Talk: Jarry/Duchamp with artist William Anastasi
22. Screening: Carolee Schneemann
21. Talk: Sandberg Institute at TMH
20. Talk: Bart Domburg’s Couperus w/ editors of De Gids
19. Benefit: TMH for De Gids
18. Art Fair: Unseen Photo Fair—Gallery Tour
17. Talk: Adrian Dannatt talks to Craigie Horsfield

2015 / 2016

16. Screening: Films by Rini Hurkmans & Hans Scholten
15. Screening: Carolee Schneemann
14. Music: Violinist Max Zorin & pianist Marjes Benoist
13. Benefit: Flag of Compassion
12. Lecture: Wei Ji Ma on neuroscience
11. Performance: Jody Oberfelder’s Brain Piece
10. Music: Pianist Marjes Benoist
9. Screening: André de Jong’s New York

2014 / 2015

8. Music: Tomoko Mukaiyama plays Philip Glass
7. Talk: 1960s Art
6. Performance: Emma McCormick-Goodhart’s Mouth/Body
5. Performance: Brenda Cullerton’s Jay-Z & Me

2013 / 2014

4. Screening: Carolee Schneemann
3. Screening: Man with a Movie Camera
2. Festival: Jan Frank at Amsterdam Light
1. Benefit: Tomoko Mukaiyama