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Making Things Happen:

Young Artists in Dialogue

Part III: Boris Chouvellon & Mengzhi Zheng
20 Apr – 8 July
Talk: Sat 26 May, 15:00-17:00
Catalogue: Fri 6 July, 19:00-21:00


Remix II (Photography): Sylvie Bonnot, Zhu Hong, Mary Sue, Elsa Tomkowiak, Mengzhi Zheng & Boris Chouvellon
Exhibition in Progress: Aug 17 – Oct 12


The Merchant House presents and sells contemporary art in a curated program. Established in 2012 by Marsha Plotnitsky, Artistic Director, it is a modern take on the Amsterdam tradition of a merchant.

At TMH we feel there is a need for a mixed venue dedicated to contemporary art, business, and culture. Our aim is to contribute to artists’ careers, to participate in international art discourse, and to stimulate vibrant dialogues by inviting people for exhibitions, talks, concerts, and social evenings. Our project-based organization relies on sales of art as a funding strategy.


Our press releases on Artsy

  • Profiled by Amsterdam Art Weekend in
NRC, Nov 2017 NL
  • Pino Pinelli exhibition in Het Parool,
April 2017 EN / NL
  • Interview with Marsha Plotnitsky in Het Financieele Dagblad, Feb 2016 EN / NL
  • Profiled in De Groene Amsterdammer,
 Dec 2015 EN / NL
  • Art & Project exhibition in Het Financieele Dagblad, Oct 2015 EN / NL
  • André de Jong highlighted by NY art blog Hyperallergic, May 2015 EN
  • André de Jong exhibition in Het Parool,
Oct 2015 EN / NL
  • Interview with Marsha Plotnitsky in Het Parool, May 2014 EN / NL


Canal houses of the 1600s and squatter houses of the 1960s are an integral part of Amsterdam. These houses, and life within them, formed the avant-garde of their time and proposed a way of life to emulate.

Spreading to the outdoors Amsterdam-style, TMH’s artworks can be exposed through the high windows to the eyes of the passersby, part of the city's shop displays and the play of light on the canal—“YouTube” in real.

TMH’s stijlkamer boasts an 18th-century ceiling painting by a Dutch master. The beautiful Flora of his hand is there as if to preside—her “embarrassment of riches” notwithstanding—as we endeavor to develop new ideas and programs.



Making Things Happen:
Young Artists in Dialogue

I) Sylvie Bonnot & Zhu Hong
23 Sept–12 Nov 2017

II) Elsa Tomkowiak & Mary Sue
24 Nov 2017–26 Jan 2018

Remix I: Elsa Tomkowiak, Sylvie Bonnot, Mary Sue & Zhu Hong
2 Feb–25 Mar 2018

III) Boris Chouvellon & Mengzhi Zheng
20 Apr–8 July 2018

Remix II: Sylvie Bonnot, Zhu Hong, Mary Sue, Elsa Tomkowiak, Mengzhi Zheng & Boris Chouvellon
Exhibition in Progress: Aug 17–Oct 12 2018

Flag of Compassion


TMH Masterworks Series:

2016 / 2017

Pino Pinelli: Disseminations
Judit Reigl: Late Works
Craigie Horsfield: Phases II & III

2015 / 2016

Craigie Horsfield: New Works & Slow Time
Pinelli, Visser & De Jong:
Art & Project: Bulletins, 1968-1989
Hilarius Hofstede: New Drawings

2014 / 2015

Group Show: 1960s Sacred Fire
Kees Visser: Response to Chuck
Chuck Close: Solo in Amsterdam
Carolee Schneemann: Infinity Kisses
André de Jong: Folds

2013 / 2014

Group Show: Minimal Abstraction
Henk Peeters & Jan Schoonhoven
Jan Frank: Seeing is Re-living


Our Catalogues / Artist's Books:
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Boris Chouvellon
Mengzhi Zheng


Elsa Tomkowiak
Mary Sue
Sylvie Bonnot
Zhu Hong
Pino Pinelli
Judit Reigl
Craigie Horsfield
Hilarius Hofstede
Chuck Close
Carolee Schneemann
Jan Schoonhoven and Henk Peeters
André de Jong
Jan Frank


To attend:


Young Artists in Dialogue

I) Sylvie Bonnot & Zhu Hong
Talk: Sat 28 Oct, 15:00-17:00
Catalogue: Fri 10 Nov, 19:00-21:00

II) Elsa Tomkowiak & Mary Sue
Talk: Sat 16 Dec, 15:00-17:00
Catalogue: Fri 26 Jan, 19:00-21:00

Remix I: Elsa Tomkowiak, Sylvie Bonnot, Mary Sue & Zhu Hong
Talk: Sat 24 Mar, 15:00-17:00, on Collecting

III) Boris Chouvellon & Mengzhi Zheng
Talk: Sat 26 May, 15:00-17:00
Catalogue: Fri 6 July, 19:00-21:00

Remix II: Sylvie Bonnot, Zhu Hong, Mary Sue, Elsa Tomkowiak, Mengzhi Zheng & Boris Chouvellon
Events TBA


2017 / 2018

Music: Bach & Zhungdra w/ F-M. Uitti
Art Fair: TMH at Art Rotterdam
Screening: Carolee Schneemann
Art Fair: TMH at Unseen Photo Fair
Lecture: A. vd Mühll & Economics of Art
Talk: Pino Pinelli & De Stijl

2016 / 2017

Talk: Millennials on Pinelli w/ M. vd Graaff
Art Fair: TMH joins Tribal Trail
Music: Kurtag, Duchamp & Joyce w/ F-M. Uitti & C-M. Lerm-Hayes
Reading: Hofstede’s Microsoft Mon Amour
Art Fair: Flag of Compassion at Art Rotterdam
Music: F-M. Uitti interprets Judit Reigl
Talk: W. Anastasi's Jarry/Duchamp
Screening: Carolee Schneemann
Talk: Sandberg Institute at TMH
Talk: Bart Domburg’s Couperus
Benefit: TMH for De Gids
Art Fair: Unseen Gallery Tour
Talk: A. Dannatt talks to Craigie Horsfield

2015 / 2016

Screening: Films by Hurkmans & Scholten
Screening: Carolee Schneemann
Music: Max Zorin & Marjes Benoist
Benefit: Flag of Compassion
Lecture: Wei Ji Ma on neuroscience
Performance: Jody Oberfelder's Brain Piece
Music: Marjes Benoist
Screening: André de Jong’s New York

2014 / 2015

Music: Tomoko Mukaiyama plays Philip Glass
Talk: 1960s Art
Performance: Emma Mccormick-Goodhart, Mouth/Body
Performance: Brenda Cullerton, Jay-Z & Me

2013 / 2014

Screening: Carolee Schneemann
Screening: Man with a Movie Camera
Festival: Jan Frank at Amsterdam Light
Benefit: Tomoko Mukaiyama


Marsha Plotnitsky
Founding Artistic Director

Brina Orozim (in training)
Inge-Vera Lipsius
TMH Associates

Dirk van Weelden
Editorial Advice NL

Martin Whitehead, PhD, Purdue University
Editing EN

Hans Abbing of Abbing 3D Projects
Art Installation

Stefan Altenburger
Studio Mattijs de Wit
Graphic Design


In her practice of directing all facets of the program in the Amsterdam canal house, Marsha Plotnitsky explores the artistic, organizational, spatial, and financial possibilities of an art merchant construct.

TMH is the culmination of her experience with ICAR Foundation, which she founded in 2001, and her twenty-year business career primarily as a Principal at the Wall Street firm, Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette, where she oversaw large projects and teams. Under her curatorial direction, ICAR developed a contemporary art collection and showcased D. Oppenheim, V. Acconci, J. Coplans, JCJ Vanderheyden and other conceptual artists to critical acclaim.

Ms. Plotnitsky earned degrees at the University of Pennsylvania: BA linguistics, Summa Cum Laude, 1978 and MBA, Beta Gamma Sigma, Wharton School, 1980. Born in the former USSR, she has lived and worked in the US, France, and Netherlands. She values sensitivity to people and places. Her favorite quote from the TMH press is: “… the merchant of dreams” (Amsterdam’s Het Parool).